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Going through a divorce can be extremely tough on all involved. The best one can expect is to get through the situation amicably.

Our experienced and highly skilled attorneys seek to solve problems and get you through the situation as easily as possible. We understand your emotional well being during such a time is of primary importance.

Our Services

Contested Divorce

In case of certain issues not being resolved between the spouses outside of court, a contested divorce is needed. With years of experience and razor sharp legal acumen our attorneys are known to be fighting it out for our clients in the court in case of a contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

If property, custody and other aspects of the divorce are amicably agreed between the spouses then uncontested divorce is the way to go. Our uncontested divorce attorneys will help you go through the process quickly and in the least expensive way possible.

Child Support and Custody

A child is the responsibility of both parents and the issue of child support and custody must be addressed during a divorce considering that the divorce would have an impact on the future of the child. Our Child Support and Child Custody attorneys can help our clients develop and present this issue effectively.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is another of our practice areas where we help our clients pursue financial support from former partners temporarily or permanently while transitioning back in to a normal single life.

Division of Assets

When in marriage, couples invest in and acquire assets. These have to be divided in a fair manner rather than being divided equally. We help our clients get their fair share of the assets that they co-owned during the marriage.


It is advisable to avoid courtroom intervention if possible in a divorce. However at times it may be difficult to get into meaningful conversations for the spouses. That’s where our experienced and empathetic attorneys can help couples go through discussions and negotiations.

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