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Our Program



We help to develop physical skills that will help children participate, understand and respond to their environment.



We organize active cognitive development of al( kids through role gave and interactions.



activities are the basis of our everyday life, we guarantee full freedom of self-expression.

About Us

Specializing iv, organizing all kinds of events for toddlers, kids and teenagers, we mainly focus on clowns and birthdays. Kiddaboo is LA's go-to site for the best Summer Camps in Los Angeles, Things To Do in Los Angeles with Kids, After School Classes, airthday Party Places, and so much more.

Birthday parties are a special time to celebrate the life of our most valued possessions: our kids! And what better way to celebrate their exuber-ant life than at a dynamite party venue? We have curated an eclectic list of LA'S top kids' birthday party venues, from robots to wizards we have chosen the best and rounded them all p here for you.

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

  • iconFoster positive self concept.
  • iconEncourage cognitive development through, reasoning,
  • iconQuestioning and experimentation.
  • iconEnhance social skills
  • iconDevelop language and literacy skills
  • iconFoster physical development and skills.
  • iconDemonstrate appropriate nutritional, health and safety procedures.
  • iconEncourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts

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