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Fashion Design Schools

Today’s fashion industry is built on the creativity of individuals with a distinct vision and a mastery of popular style, construction, branding, and apparel. Students interested in becoming a leader in the world of fashion must develop expertise in components of art, such as color, shape, texture, and form while building knowledge of cultural traditions and principles of design. Here we provide a carefully curated list of the best Fashion Design schools for fashion lovers.

Fashion Areas of Focus

Costume Design

Fashion Design

Fashion Journalism

Knitwear Design


Fashion Styling

Textile Design

Visual Merchandising

Fashion Design Schools Careers

Our fashion designers have launched their successful careers in leading fashion companies, both here and abroad. Many have also gone on to start their own lines with great success.

Accessory designer

Boutique owner

Costume designer

Fashion designer


Fashion forecaster


Pattern Design

Print Design

Technical designer


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