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We treat your pet like royalty, do you?

Why Choose Us

Apart for the reason that we are cool…

We are a bunch of pet lovers first and business next. When your pet comes to us, we treat it like royalty and give your pet the same level of attention that you do.

For us making your pet feel at home is extremely important.

What We Do

Other than having fun with pets

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

We can trim the nails and clean the ears of your pet so the generic hygiene is maintained. A hygienic pet means a happy pet.

Combing & Brushing

Are you struggling to comb and brush your pet? We can help you do that. You won’t believe that piece of beauty after one of our sessions.

Clipping Fur & Haircut

Clipping fur and haircut are regular intervals are mandatory for pets. Our high quality services is what you need for your best friend.


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Pet Experts

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