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Why Choose Us?

Our Story

We are a premium fine dine restaurant serving some of the best steak in our town.

A locally owned and operated business, we take pride in being known for the highest level of service. All our food is sourced locally from the farmers that implement sustainable farming methods.

If you are looking for amazing food, great live music and an overall good time with your friends and family, our restaurant is the place for you.

The Perfect Recipe for a
Wonderful Evening

Spacious and Elegant Design

We believe when you come to our restaurant, it’s not just for food…it’s for an experience. And you will find that in the spacious and elegant minimalistic modern design of our restaurant.

Wide Selection of Food and Beverages

We serve some of the best food, finest wine and other beverages that we source from all around the world specially for your palette.

Live Music

A good evening can become outstanding if the food and ambience is complemented by some great live music. We have you covered!


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